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The Pearl of Great Price

The Journey of a New Age Seeker to the Light of Christ and the Eastern

Orthodox Church

This book is currently in revision and will be released this summer, 2017. There may be a few copies still available on line. Here is a preview of the new cover of the second edition of this book:

Are you seeking Truth? Have you been seeking your whole life, but have not found what you are thirsting for in the New Age or Eastern religions?

"I wrote this my Pearl for those who are seeking "the peace that passes all understanding" and have unresolved issues with the Catholic Church, Protestant religions or Christianity in general. How many years of my life did I spend searching for the truth? I never would have imagined that after rejecting Christianity in my late teens I would have ever come back to Christ, but I did and I have found what I was seeking."

Amazon book review:

The Pearl of Great Price is a unique Christian conversion story...

When I first starting reading this book, I was thinking, yet another confessional book written by yet another screwed up baby boomer. I have to confess that I began to like this book more and more as I kept reading and I wasn't able to put it down until I finished. The author's journey is worth reading about, especially if you are a woman interested in spirituality and in Christianity. I appreciate that Paula Sivori (the author's real name) could tell us this story with honesty. The book is not as well-edited as I would like especially in the beginning. There are lots of parts where the writing is awkward and amateurish (good editing would have fixed this!) Otherwise, I heartily recommend this book for anyone who has been searching for answers to the meaning of life and questioning God.

By Mom in Bay Area on February 15, 2011

In Christ I am a New Creation

Part !, Taking up my Cross

The Sequel to The Pearl of Great Price

Now Available for Purchase on Amazon

I am so unworthy! Christ is Risen! In Truth He is Risen!”

Thus ended my first book, The Pearl of Great Price, leaving all my readers with the question, “Then what happened?”

I started writing this book in September of 2011. By the grace of God, once more I was bathed in the Light of Christ’s Resurrection that had greeted me my first Paschal morning as an Orthodox Christian. With tears streaming down my face, I struggled to put into words the excruciatingly intimate exchange that transpired in my heart and soul with God on that blessed morning in 1997.

I was hesitant to write about my experience, for the Holy Fathers caution us about revealing such things for fear the evil one will manipulate us though vanity or pride. I knew I had nothing to do with the gift that I received that morning other than I had been praying for months, even years for strength and faith to change.

I was far, far away from any consistent state of virtue or purification according to Orthodox traditions, yet God blessed me to experience His Resurrection and Light for the salvation of my soul. I also had no idea how to truly be an Orthodox Christian. How could I? I was a newly baptized Orthodox Christian with a milieu of Western, New Age, pagan, and Eastern philosophies, beliefs and occult encounters ingrained into every fiber of my being.

Alas, a lifetime of Western culture and twenty plus years of New Age and Eastern religious indoctrination did not simply wash away with my baptism. For the love of God and the deepening of that love I literally took the plunge into Orthodox Christianity.....

In Christ I am a New Creation

Part !I, A Leap of Faith

To be released in 2019

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