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What is the Orthodox Church?
Click here to watch a great short introduction video to Orthodoxy. for other videos and book reviews related to Orthodox Christianity

Before you visit an Orthodox Church..
12 Things I Wish I'd Known... by Kh. Frederica Matthewes-Green:

Ancient Faith Radio
A unique Christian Orthodox ministry offering Eastern Orthodox podcasts: historical, scriptural, cultural and theological including three podcasts about my spiritual journey and Christian Conversion and book:
A two part podcast from 2009 - Kevin Allen interviews Veronica Hughes
Part One
Part Two

Orthodox Christian Network

A family oriented Christian Orthodox ministry featuring timely podcasts, daily scripture readings, and family oriented programs.

St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, San Anselmo, CA
My parish and church.

Not of this World Bookstore

Exquisite icons, jewelry and a wealth of Orhtodox literature and gifts - I love this bookstore! It is Santa Rosa, CA, but he ships anywhere in the US.

St. Herman Press
Offers wonderful books on the lives of saints and Orthodox theology. A men's monestary - one of the first started by American converts to Eastern Orthodoxy. They are located in Platina, CA and welcome pilgrims. I wrote my book in a cabin my husband built on property we own adjacent to the monastery.

St. Paisius Serbian Orthodox Monastery - wonderful online bookstore
This beautiful women's monastery is in the Arizona dessert. They welcome pilgrims as well. St. Paisius is mentioned in my book. The support I received from the nuns was invaluable during and after my Christian conversion.

St. Paisius Missionary School

St. Paisius Missionary School was an essential part of my re-formation – part of my becoming a new creation in Christ in Orthodoxy. Please check out their website and contact them if you are interested in bringing a deeper experience of Orthodoxy to your parish or might be interested for yourself and family. Fr. Michael Oyer and Fr. Phillip Tolbert offer at least one or more retreats a year. Here is their website:

Welcome to Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE® Society

Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE® (OCP®), is a Society for Orthodox Christian Unity and Faith. OCP® aims at promoting Pan-Orthodox Christian Conciliar Unity through dialogues and various fruitful initiatives.

The OCP® Society is a registered body under the Societies Registration Act. OCP® Society stand tall for Worldwide Pan-Orthodox Christian Unity and Faith. We uphold the basic need to stay united.

OCP provides equal importance to Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches and believes in a philosophy that both Byzantine (Eastern) Orthodox Churches and the Oriental Orthodox Churches are the true heirs to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of Christ, which is the Church of the apostles and the Holy Fathers. We support dialogue between Easter, Oriental, Old believers, Old Calendar, traditional and new generation Orthodox Churches. We also support extensive cooperation and dialogue between Orthodox Churches and Assyrian Church of the East.

The Society strongly promotes its motto “The United Orthodox Christian Witness”.

The aim of OCP Society is to build a common platform for all Orthodox Churches. We believe in creating Pan-Orthodox unity, a conciliarity of all Orthodox Churches in the true sense of “One Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.”