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The Pearl of Great Price

A unique spiritual journey and story about the power of Christian conversion.

5.0 out of 5 stars
An Inspiring, Open, and Non-Judgmental Account of a Woman’s Journey From New Age Spirituality to the Orthodox Church, June 1, 2012

By Chris (Massachusetts, USA)

I invite those of you who are looking for a unique gift for friends or family to purchase my book. It has received rave reviews on Amazon and is available on Kindle. Books ordered directly from my website will include a spiritual message along with my signature, a postcard and bookmark.

I personally know of two non-Orthodox people who read my book and started going to an Orthodox church. One is now Orthodox!  Glory to God!

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In Christ I am a New Creation

Part !, Taking up my Cross

The Sequel to The Pearl of Great Price

To be released in 2016, check back early 2016 to see if my second book has been released

If you live overseas, my book is available on Amazon and as an E-book or download to your mobile device.