Pearl Orthodox Christian Publishing

Christian Motivational Writing Coach

I love writing and supporting others to bring their spirit alive in their writing and life!

  1. Find your voice as a non-fiction writer
  2. Write the book that is inside you
  3. Deepen your Christian conversion experience
  4. Learn how to structure and refine your writing
  5. Get support to self-publish your book

Call: 916-400-4347 or email me to connect at,

I live in Sacramento, California. I can work by phone or in-person

My Bio:

Life is a blessing and an adventure to be lived! At SF State University I studied as a French major. In 1983 I traveled around the world! I have successfully owned several businesses. In 1989, I co-founded ACC International, (At the Heart of Communication), which offered personal growth and communication seminars, as well as individual coaching. In 1998, ACC evolved into Learning as Leadership, where I later served as an executive assistant.

My first non-fiction Christian book, The Pearl of Great Price, The Spiritual Journey of a New Age Seeker to the Light of Christ and the Eastern Orthodox Church, was published in 2011, under my pen name, Veronica Hughes. Since then I have written and published two other non-fiction books: In Christ I am a New Creation and a book about St. Veronica, which are on Amazon and my author’s website, In 2017, I founded my own small publishing company, Pearl Orthodox Christian Publishing.