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Veronica Hughes
Healing from Fibromyalgia

Reversing Fibromyalgia

(For info on this protocol read: What your doctor may not tell you about Fibromyalgia, by Dr. Paul St. Amand, 3 edition.) Dr. Amand gives you 40 years of research with 1000's of patients about the genetic syndrome called fibromyalgia, as well as, a protocol to reverse it. There is hope for those of us who suffer from this disease!


My energy is much better some days. I have stopped having intense burning sensations in my legs. Overall, I am still quite symptomaic some days, but given how disabled I was/still am from fibro, my doctor said it would be 3-4 years before I would have consistent good days. I am 2.5 years into this protocol. I will be returning soon for a check-in with my doctor.


Both Gregory and I are continuing to heal from fibro. On my last check-in with Dr. Congdon, almost all of my visible smaller fibro nodules are now gone. There is light at the end of the fibro tunnel! Now it is just a matter of being patient and adhearing to the program. Glory to God for all things! See my blog post of today as well for a more indept window into what is now possible and happening that I would never have imagined a couple of years ago.


I am now 9 months into Dr. St. Amand's protocol for reversing fibro. During my September visit with my doctor in Marin County, Dr. Melissa Congdon, who trained with Dr. Amand, I had more good news! More of my fibro nodules have significantly decreased and or dissolved! I am starting to have parts of days that are more energtic and less symptomatic as well. This is all so encouraging! For more information about this protocol that can reverse fibromyalgia, scroll down the page. Glory to God for all things!


Now four months into our Fibromyalgia treatment, both Greg and I have had a 25% reduction overall in our visible nodules – many are completely gone! I am so thrilled that we both will feel so much better soon!

We started a fibromyalgia reversal protocol that is working and want to share our results and a snap shot of the protocol with you. Most people, ourselves included until recently, truly do not understand the nature of this disease, the fact that it is a syndrome and genetic, or how to recognize it and effectively treat it.

One of my friends at church, who is a chiropractor, gave me the name of a doctor in Marin, CA, who successfully treated one of her patients for fibro, Dr. Melissa Congdon. Dr. Melissa suffered from fibro, was severely disabled by it, and has sufficiently recovered from it to now devote her practice to treating folks with fibro. Both her mother and daughter had it as well and have recovered.

She had me read this book before coming to her, What your doctor may not tell you about fibromyalgia, by Dr. Paul St. Amand, 2nd or 3rd editions. Reading his book was a life validating and changing experience for both of us. Dr. Amand has been researching and effectively treating patients with fibro for years. He himself and several of his family members had the disease.

His research found that fibro is an all-pervasive syndrome affecting the whole body and it is genetic. My mom had 85% of the symptoms and was truly tormented by them. Greg, my husband, his sister, as well as my sister have it. We all have a myriad of symptoms, some similar, some not. Most of my chronic sitting and standing issues, as well as chronic back pain, lack of stamina and energy I now realize are due to fibro. I have been struggling with pain and chronic fatigue my whole life.

What causes fibro? Patients with fibro have a genetic flaw in their kidneys. We are not able to release phosphates and these phosphates combine with water and calcium to form nodules in muscles, tendons and organs! These then cause a myriad of problems and pain as the phosphates build up over a lifetime.

The cure is taking a non-toxic medicine, quaifenison (the drug in musinex) – which allows the kidneys to finally release phosphates. Quaifenison combined with eliminating salicylates (which block the guaifenison from working) from one’s skin/oral products is the protocol, which is well outlined in the book.

One is supposed to feel worse initially until the body has released enough of the stored phosphates and can effectively keep up with the elimination of phosphates. The first four months were pretty intense and we are just now starting to have some better days. As time goes on – better days become the norm! For every year you are on quaifenison – 6 years of stored phosphates are released.

Dr. Amand is 84 years old and will be retiring soon. He and those he works with have trained others how to map the nodules, follow the protocol and have set up an online support network for folks – all in his book. We also keep a daily diary of our progress.
When I read Dr. Amand’s book I knew intuitively his protocol would work. I recommend you buy and read this book and even contact Dr. Melissa if you live in or near the San Francisco Bay Area to talk with her about how to better treat your fibro.

Here is her information:
Dr. Melissa Congdon, MD
500 Tamal Plaza, Suite 507
Corte Madera, CA 94925

We are looking forward to a much brighter future and wish you the same!

Veronica Hughes

Reversing Fibromyalgia 3/7/12

As I posted about a month ago, I started a new protocol for reversing fibromyalgian(see link on this site: Healing from fibromyalgia). Part of the protocol involves mapping fibro nodules in your body and if the protocol is working, after one month the nodules in the left thigh or in both thighs should be gone. Today I went to my fibro doctor and the fibro nodules in both my thighs were gone, right on schedule!!! Yeah!! I am on the road to recovery from fibromyalgia.

If you have stumbled on this site and this post and have fibromyalgia - there is a way to reverse it. It takes time, but I am so hopeful for the first time in years!

My Fibro History

From 1999-2000 I suffered one of the worst setbacks in my life. Due to acute pain and inflammation, I was bed ridden for 9 months. I could not sit, stand or lie without being in pain. Everything practitioners gave me to do made me worse. Though I had some spinal issues in my MRI - the problems were not severe enough to account for the levels of pain I was experiencing.

It was during this painful and challenging time of my life that I turned to the Jesus Prayer and found Jesus in my heart. That was the first step towards healing. I am writing about this in my sequel to my Pearl of Great Price.

Until I had surrendered my will to God, I could not begin to heal. What a process I went through! It was shortly after my surrender that I found a physical therapist who informed me I had Fibro and helped me to get back on my feet, but I never fully recovered.

I was starting to have pain again on the levels that I experienced prior to becoming bedridden in 2000. Unwilling to ever return to that place again - I have been praying and researching whatever would come my way. Nothing hit the nail on the head until a friend at church, who is a chiropractor, had a patient that was recovering from fibro. When I told her I had Fibro she gave me a note, "Phosphates and the name of the MD, Melissa Congdon.

I talked with Dr. Congdon and purchased the book, What your doctor may not tell you about Fibromyalgia, by Dr. Paul St. Amand, prior to going to see her. What an eye opener! So little was/has been known about how to effectively treat and reverse Fibro until now.

Fibro is genetic!!! People with Fibro lack certain enzymes in their kidneys that help to eliminate phosphates. Over time the phosphates must go somewhere - so it combines with calcium and water to form fibro nodules in tissues and organs causing all kinds of symptoms/pain. That is why fibro is so hard to pin down, diagnose and treat effectively until now.

For the first time in years not only do I have hope that I can recover through an effective treatment for fibromyalgia, but when my husband read Dr. Amand's book he realized he has been suffering from fibro his whole life as well. We are both now on the protocol developed and used by 1000's of patients that have worked with Dr. Amand and recovered!

Thank you Dear Lord for answering my prayers!!!

If you suffer from fibromyalgia symptoms - you need to read Dr. Amand's book.

The below links shed new light on fibromyalgia:

In a book written by Dr. Paul St. Amand, What Your Doctor may not tell you about Fibromyalgia, Dr. Amand gives you 40 years of research with 1000's of patients about the genetic syndrome called fibromyalgia, as well as, a protocol to reverse it. There is hope for those of us who suffer from this disease!

I have read the book and am currenlty following Dr. Amands effective treatment of fibromyalgia under the supervision of Dr. Melissa Congdon, Corte Madera, CA, who trained with Dr. Amand and has personally recovered from fibromyalgia following Dr. Amand's protocol.